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Mossberg is currently Out of stock on lifters. I have word from a very high representative of the company that they will be restocking in the first-middle of august. I apologize for the inconvenience but my hands are tied until they restock. 

Effective July-15-2016 I will be shutting down sales of lifters for 30 days to try and catch up on what im behind and to keep from falling any further behind.  I will continue to offer shell stops and other products during this time. 


Southern Kentucky Tactical, LLC

Address:  466 Denzel B Road

                 Brownsville, Kentucky 42210

For order status or for new order questions please contact our communication coridinator John at


do not respond to the automatically generated email you received and expect a response. Send email to the address below. 


New orders or general questions:

You may also reach him on the facebook page at